Welcome to our new blog!

We have decided that this is a much more fun and efficient means of updating you on our church and family, and all that God is doing here in the Castelli Romani region. Therefore, you can expect to check in here for updates, photos and prayer requests (instead of receiving an email newsletter).  We are so grateful for each and every one of you who cares for our family and church and wants to participate in God’s work here through prayer, service, and financial support.

God bless you richly with His great love!


Here are some things we are looking forward to these next few months:

October- starting a young adult Bible study at Tania & Allison’s apartment. Allison is a new member of staff coming to us from Los Angeles.

December- Pastor Robert Case of Calvary Chapel Eastside (WA, U.S.A.) will be here with his family. He and his wife will speak at a marriage conference the weekend of December 21. We are hoping also to do some musical outreach. CC Frascati has been able to secure a room for the conference, and we continue to pray for God’s financial provision in support of our outreaches.

Church location- Since May we have been meeting in our home. Although some of that was do to financial hardship on members of the church, some was due to lack of participation and spiritual maturity in giving. We had to stop our lease. Now people are much more understanding and concerned–eager to find a place. A few vacancies have opened up and we are praying that God directs us to a new location and provides the resources to keep a more open presence in the community.

Midweek Studies- We continue to have home studies in the towns of Colleferro, Albano and Cinecittà. We pray for wisdom in directing these and for spiritual growth and maturity among those that attend.

Chidlren’s ministry- It has been difficult as many children are inconsistent in attendance and there is not much space for them in our home. Also, they range much in age. We are praying for wisdom to lead these children in truth, and creative ideas or curriculum.