Marriage Conference: November & December Update!

Saluti nel nome di Gesù!

We are moving along by the Lord’s grace. Here are some important updates for the coming months. Thank you and God bless you richly for your love and support.

Alla prossima,

CC Frascati


Imagine that 1 in 3 Italian marriages end in divorce. And inbetween there are affairs and betrayals right and left. It is a cultural expectation. In our own church we have many struggling relationships. Relationships truly suffer in this corner of the world and it breaks God’s heart. As a community that seeks to honor Christ and bring about reconciliation, we have sensed the urge to respond to this great need. We have secured the Villa Mercede in a prime location with lots of parking for our Marriage Conference December 21-22 (as well as our Christmas service December 23). We are asking the Lord to bless us with the financial provision for the weekend and an abundant attendance, as we are inviting two other local churches to participate. Marriage Conference Flyer. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach the Castelli and greater Rome areas. We have pastors and marriage counselors, Robert & Kim Case coming from the United States to speak. We humbly ask you to consider helping us sponsor this event that we seek to offer free of charge to our beloved friends. Here are some specific cost details:

  • 200€ x 3 evenings (600€) Conference hall rental
  • 80€ x 3 evenings (240€) childcare room rental
  • 150€ advertising (flyers, posters etc.)
  • 20€ programs for conference sessions
  • 20€ evangelism tracts
  • 200€ food/refreshment costs for the weekend

Please click here  to give financially (in ‘comment box’ note: For CC Frascati Marriage Conference). THANK YOU for partnering with us in this way. Don’t forget about our Facebook page for pictures and other updates. Bless you!


This fall we have gone through 2nd Peter and Jonah with the 3 consistent youth on Sundays. It has been a blessing. We will start Titus next and continue to pray for God to bless these children as they are the only Christians among their friends. We ask for depth of understanding and application of the Word, as well as creativity and resources on the part of the teachers. We are praying about what to plan for our Christmas service. November 10 we will have a big sleepover event for the kids and pray that they are enriched in their faith and have fun together!


Allison and Tania have decided to host a luncheon for the college-age girls from our Albano study at the end of November. Then the first of December they hope to do an event (for all of the young people we’ve connected with who are curious/seeking) on the character of God and basic understanding of Christianity. We pray these events will inform us how to move forward in the new year.


We’ve had a marriage, a new baby, some sickness, some birthdays, some disputes… all part of Family life. We pray for God to protect His people as they grow in knowledge of Him, and to convict those who need to reconcile to one another. Those of us in leadership need particular prayer for wisdom in this regard.