March Updates

Hello praying friends!

Thank you for your love and support. We are so humbled and appreciative of the way you partner with us in this work. Here are some updates on how you can be praying with us this month.


Chantal is better but still sick now and then so we pray for strengthening of her immune system. She is creating a lot of clothes and jewelry that she looks forward to selling, and we would like prayer for more work in the design/sewing field. The boys are doing well with exams at university. Pray for a greater passion for Jesus and a liberating, penatrating relationship with Him. Pray for Tania as well and God’s guidance in her life. Chantal and Tania need prayer for their passport document renewals and the money/opportunity to begin Italian citizenship process. Pray for Allison that she can be a light and blessing in her workplace. Pray for Robert–wisdom, courage, leading of the Holy Spirit as I counsel, power and zeal as I preach, ability to be a good husband and father.


Young Adults- Thank the Lord for Tania, Marco, Miky and Allison and all they do at church. Pray that the Lord keeps them united to Him and to each other. Pray for more youth to be reached and added to the group.

Sincere, strong, radical conversions for: (Colleferro) Domenico, Francesco , Ennio, Elena (also for a job), Letizia and Maria Grazia … (Castel Gandolfo) Luca, Daniela … (Albano) Laura, Claudia, Valeria, Veronica , Sara, Francesco , Paolo, Letizia.

Pray for health: Carlo, Gigliola, Giulia , Paola, Laura Gigliola, Chiara, Franco Mongini , Severino.

Spiritual growth of of the church, unity, love, faith and constant hope–that God can add new people to our Body.

Various projects:

-Evangelism tracts we are having made/financing to print 5000…also opportunity to distribute at a fair in Grottaferrata from March 16-24.

-A location for the church! We have made request at the town hall and pray for God’s favor to be accepted as non-profit to use a public building.
-Couples get-together at end of May. Strengthening of marriages….


Blessings to all!

CC Frascati & Diamubeni Family