Hello friends!

We are seeing the fruit of some prayers these days and are thankful and excited to see more fully how God is working in our lives and in this community. Thank you for praying for us, and please continue to do so! We believe in the power of prayer and a God who listens and answers.


  • Please pray for our response from the Comune di Frascati regarding a location for our church meetings. We know they are currently processing our request. We are thankful for Pina (a believer) who works there and has been helping us.
  • This week we hope to sign the contract for our Association, La Speranza. This puts us as an official non-profit and will allow us later on to receive funding and be able to open a Christian bookstore/coffee shop like we dream to do. Pray for the details and responsibilities that come with this. Pray we continue to listen and follow God’s leading for the future.
  • We have some new tracts being made as an evangelism tool thanks to our friends Pastor Stephan & Dorit Spielau in Germany! You can check them out, translated from the original German, here:     Please pray for new believers to be added to our family. Pray for the friends we have amongst us and are trying to love and reach. If you would like to help fund the printing of these tracts please follow these directions:
  • Continue to lift up our home groups during the week. We are seeing a lot of spiritual growth but also a lot of weakness and need for surrender and reconciliation. Pray for spiritual maturity and strength and a deep love for Jesus!  We wanted to share people by name/region: FRASCATI/CINE CITTA (Robert, Chantal, Tania, Marco, Michi, Allison, Hilde, George, Andreas, Carlo, Thereasa, Eli, Moira, Lidia), GROTTAFERRATA (Jenny, Maurizio, Giulia, Leo, Monica, Bruno, Erika), CASTEL GANDOLFO (Luca, Daniela, Beatrice, Matteo), ALBANO/GENZANO (Lorenza, Lorenzo, Giulia, Carlo, Giugliola, Laura, Francesco, Paolo, Letizia, Anna, Valeria, Claudia, Veronika, Sara), COLLEFERRO/VALMONTONE (Laura, Domenico, Filippo, Gianlorenzo, Ennio, Riccardo, Elena, Antonetta, Letizia, Maria Grazia, Alberto, Armando, Paola, Salvatore, Francesco, Luciana).
  • Finally, we have baptisms coming up at the end of JUNE. Pray that those who want to make the commitment and have not, will choose to do so.


Thank you also for praying for our family. We are doing well, by God’s grace. We ask the Lord to continue to give us grace for one another, love and reconciliation. Tania, Marco, Michi are all studying and looking for work this summer. Michi is healing from knee surgery. Chantal is busy sewing and making jewlery and trying to sell some things at local markets. We have been doing some landscaping in our garden and enjoying it. Please continue to keep our spiritual and physical health in your prayers. Thank you!!

Love to all. Che Dio Vi Benedica!

Robert Diamubeni & CC Frascati