Summer is here! Thank you all for your faithful prayers for our church and family. Here are a few updates and more fuel for prayer.



We are in great need of prayer for health. Robert (high blood pressure), Chantal (more check-ups for blood and lungs, doing ok), Miky (healing from knee surgery/provision for physical therapy). We lift the spiritual lives of Tania, Marco and Miky to the Lord, that they may have a passionate love for Jesus. We also pray for favor and stamina in upcoming university exams this month for all 3 kids. Each of us in the family have great need of prayer in this period, which has been difficult, but we trust in God (Romans 8:28).



  • We are now an official association (ngo) in the community, praise God! La Speranza is activating now. We pray that the Lord will help us and guide us as we seek to serve our community practically and spiritually.
  • Each of our house groups (Albano, Colleferro, Frascati) are growing!! We praise God! We typically have more members during the week than on Sundays. We are seeing God move across the Castelli.
  • We in leadership have great need of prayer for wisdom in responding to situations and disputes within the church.
  • We continue to ask the Lord for: spiritual maturity, a location for the church to meet, opportunity/creativity/sensitivity in evangelism, possibility to go to Austria on retreat in August.
  • This month we are looking forward to doing a baptism for a few new believers!
  • We are thankful to have printed our new tracts!
  • We praise God for the dedication of baby Giulia in June!

Thank you for your prayers. They are very important and necessary to our ministry!

group giulia ded

(Above photo of church during Giulia’s dedication)