Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us over the summer. We hope you have enjoyed some fun, rest, and ministry as well!


The family is back to school and work! Robert is doing better and his blood pressure has been stabilized. Chantal is doing fairly well and has another medical visit this month. Robert and Chantal enjoyed a nice weekend together celebrating Chantal’s 50th birthday in August. Thank you for your prayer for the kids. Michelangelo passed his first exam. Marco and Tania are working. Continue to pray for upcoming exams and that God blesses and guides them as their First Love. Allison is grateful for her first visit back to the US after one year in Italy. Please intercede especially on behalf of Robert’s father (83) in the Congo. His health is very poor, and it is hard to be so far away in such a difficult time. Pray for healing and comfort in the Lord.


  • We are amazed at how God is drawing more and more people to Himself and to our house-studies (3: Frascati, Colleferro, Albano). We have people attending from Valmontone, Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio, Rocca di Papa, and Genzano. Please pray with us for healthy growth, reconciliation, and sanctification in community.
  • We are outgrowing our house-church size and pleading with the Lord for a location of some sort, whether to rent or buy as funds allow…also praying that the Comune di Frascati will offer us something free or low cost.
  • We are praying to do an all-church retreat next year. Pray that we can organize this.
  • We are also praying for teams to come help us do outreach (Christmas/Summer). If you are interested, let us know!
  • Ultimately, we long for the spiritual growth and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in all members of the church. We want to see God move and transform by His love.

Thank you for supporting us in your prayers. We are often tired and weary but God uses us anyway, and we are excited to see Him work.


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Blessings, Diamubeni Family & CC Frascati