Natale 2013

Thank you for continuing to labour with us in prayer, remembering that our battle is not against flesh and blood! And here at Christmas we are reminded of when God in His spirit was made flesh to sympathize with us. We are humbled and strengthened by this great gift and comfort. He is the reason!


Chantal and I request more prayer for our health. This has been a difficult season for us. My blood pressure continues to rise and I ask prayer for its stabilization. We are also heavy-spirited with losses and our family (Chantal’s cousin, my father) and different struggles of our children this year. Isaiah 43:1-4 encourages us and way pray to be able to say “Eben-ezer”–God is our rock of help, and He remains faithful.

Needless to say, here at the end of 2013, facing a new year, we have ever more need of your prayers.

Robert-wisdom, guidance in finding a meeting place for the church, strength and health, spiritual growth, and financial support to be able to work full-time with the church.

Chantal- spiritual growth, health, guidance in decisions and creative work, a part-time job.

Tania, Marco, Michi- spiritual growth and sanctification, success in university studies, jobs, good testimonies to friends, growth as members of the church body.

Allison- spiritual growth, peace at work and in decisions/future, good testimony to co-workers.


We praise God for numerical and spiritual growth in ALL of our home-studies: Albano-Genzano, Colleferro, Frascati. This is His wonderful, abounding grace! We ask for more. These are primary centers of knowledge and growth but also evangelism. We ask God to continue to move in mighty ways in the new year! We pray for the baptism of the Spirit and radical communal living in brotherly love, purity and joy.

We pray for a location to meet. We have outgrown the house!

Please pray for the miraculous healing of Giulia (14) and Paola, Concetta, and others sick in our church.

Please pray for these upcoming events that God works by His Spirit to do beyond what we could imagine for His glory in this area!

1) Showing of film ‘The Nativity Story’ at city hall as part of the Frascati’s Christmas events! We will have a short mime and message as well, so pray that God opens hearts and brings people. 20 December, 19:00.

2) Christmas service, 22 December. We are looking to rent a room(s) for our Christmas service. Please pray we find one and at reasonable cost. If you would like to give toward this fund, see link:

3) Christmas, all-church lunch, 27 December. Pray for sweet fellowship!

God bless you all this Christmas as you contemplate the precious birth of Christ!

Robert Diamubeni & Family

CC Frascati


Above foto of our Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends 🙂