a new year! a look at 2014.

First of all, we would like to send a big thank you to all of you who have prayed for us this past year. You have blessed us beyond words! We eagerly look forward to all God will do this year.

We would like to ask continued prayer for the following things:

  • Healing of Giulia, Thereasa, Paula and Laura–all serious health conditions
  • Spiritual birth/growth of Domenico, Francesco, Giuseppe, Alessandro
  • Spiritual maturity, growth, unity of all church members
  • Economic help–jobs for Jenny, Maurizio, Tania, Monica, Concetta
  • Thanksgiving for Barbara (new member)
  • More servants–help in preaching and Sunday school and all areas

Specifically, we have some events coming up that we would like special prayer in organizing:

  • February: Young girls event on Biblical sexuality
  • March: Showing of the documentary on sex-slavary “Nefarious” in collaboration with Roman ministry Schiavitù Mai Più (No more slavery)
  • April: Easter service and evangelism
  • May: All-Italy Calvary Chapel conference
  • June: Calvary Chapel Frascati church retreat

We have begun all of our midweek studies in Frascati (Tuesday), Colleferro (Thursday) and Albano (Friday) in the new year. We are encouraged to see new people each month, and that people are excited to bring their friends. Praise God for the way He is moving in these community groups.

WE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR A MEETING LOCATION. THIS IS A PRIORITY FOR THE NEW YEAR. PRAY WITH US THAT WE CAN HAVE A MEETING PLACE BY EASTER. The financial responsibility of rent has been difficult in the past, but we feel ready to approach this step. We are outgrowing this house-church phase in number and understanding of responsibility. It’s a problem. But a good problem!

Our family is doing well. Prayers for us–physical and spiritual strength, a new car, wisdom, help in studies for the boys, job for Tania–all of this will be much appreciated!

Thank you for your love and support.

Pastor Robert Diamubeni & Calvary Chapel Frascati