spring updates…summer plans

Ciao a tutti!

We hope that you passed a joyous Easter period, and are walking strong with our Risen Savior!


At Easter we held our service in a local Osteria, where we watched the film ‘Maddelena’ (Gospel story) and ate together. We also held a similar service the week before with our Colleferro group, and the response was very positive. Please pray for RICCARDO (27 yrs) who came to the Easter service and cried…seemed very receptive, and we would like to see him again with us! We thank God for the new visitors we are seeing and for the little glimpses of spiritual growth we are seeing among members! May God continue to increase our knowledge, love and faith in Him! We want to see even more fruit, more friends brought into church, more reconciliation, more participation among members. We also had the opportunity in May to attend the All-Italy Calvary Chapel Retreat with pastor Sandy Adams and returned blessed and full. It is special for our church members to see that we are part of something bigger that God is doing across the country!


We are preparing now for an all-day church retreat we will have here in Frascati at a farm. Pastor Craig Quam will guest-speak from Calvary Chapel Montebelluna in the north of Italy. We are so blessed to have him, and ask the Lord to strengthen and prepare him for this time. We want to see a good showing from all 3 home-groups, and even use this tool as evangelism! May people bring friends! We will be focusing on the Holy Spirit from Acts 1. We want to see a vibrancy of faith among our members. Pray for all of the details in organization–there will be sessions for adults, as well as split sessions for kids, youth, men and women. It is a lot for our little staff to prepare, but we hope this time that we set apart brings great growth and edification to our church body.


We are also busy preparing for our summer outreach with New Zealand Christian rock band, Red Rain, 24 July. Please pray with us for a good location. It has been very difficult to find something as the town is going through elections right now and the town hall has not been able to help us with the public spaces. We would like to do something as big and public as possible. These musicians have such hearts for the Lord! Pray for God’s will and direction in all details. He knows best. If you would like to help us raise the 500 EURO needed to host these musicians, please donate as soon as possible at http://www.sendhopenow.org/where-we-work/italy/location/frascati-calvary-chapel-frascati. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and love for our family and church. Continue to pray for physical health, spiritual health and growth, unity, good work and studies for all of us! We appreciate it so much. 

God bless you all, 

Robert Diamubeni & CC FrascatiImage

Above photo of our All-Italy retreat in May with the Calvary Chapels of Italy!