Fall News

Saluti from Frascati, dear friends!


We are walking in God’s grace. Chantal has been experiencing continued difficulty with her boss at work and may be losing her job, please pray for her protection and provision. Tania is working at a preschool, testing for her driver’s license, and saving for her own apartment. Michelangelo is studying hard at university and working with me at Peroni. Marco is doing a civil service job and interning at a local radio station. I am well, but tired and asking the Lord for more laborers, and for the possibility to be a full-time pastor. I ask the Lord for this sponsorship, so I can be more committed here in the Castelli.


The study at Genzano is going well. Simona and Veronica have expressed interest in baptism. Simona’s neighbor is hoping to join our study.

At Colleferro we have a new couple.

At Frascati, we are blessed with a little healthy cooking competition and having great fun growing in the Lord.

I am praying for someone to show interest in teaching the children that come to the midweek studies.


We are praying for a new venue that we can afford, and more volunteers for children and youth, greeting, prayer, etc. Stefano has begun to do announcements. We have had some new friends coming and thank the Lord.


Please pray for us NOVEMBER 1st Michelangelo will be doing an acoustic concert at our favorite Osteria. He has been feeling a bit under the weather so pray for his health and all of the logistics and guests. We ask that God be glorified!!


May God bless YOU richly as you also serve Him wherever you are.

Love from Italy,

Robert Diamubeni and CC Frascatistefano annunci