Spring 2016

Cari saluti a tutti!

Thank you to everyone for your love and prayers.

We have been busy with some street evangelism and a concert hosted by Michelangelo at Easter. We do these gatherings with dinner at a local osteria and continue to build relationships there.

We thank God for the provision of the gym and ask him to provide a permanent place if that is His will. We also ask for more laborers to help us in the work, as Allison has returned to the States.

We have our annual church retreat coming up in June and are seeking the Lord as to who to invite to speak. There is much to organize. We also have the amazing band Red Rain returning to Italy and pray for the funds to host a concert outreach with them in July. We need about 600 EURO for permits, posters, food, lodging and gift.

You can donate now directly through our PayPal account! Just go to: http://www.paypal.com  and enter this email: r.diamubeni@gmail.com

We ask for some specific prayers as it is a trying time for us. We pray for physical healing of Simona and for work and the possibility to be baptized and married in the church. We pray that Veronica can enter university. We ask provision of work for Chantal and Barbara. We pray that Tania can get her driver’s license, Michelangelo to complete his exams, Marco to return to his First Love–for all to grow close to Jesus and develop their gifts. I ask the Lord for wisdom, health and strength.

We are encouraged by collaboration with local churches in Monte Porzio and Rocca Priora. We are a small force, but God is not limited. May this Great God be with you today.

Blessings, Robert Diamubeni

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