Spring Update 2017

Ciao a tutti!

We are doing well here in Frascati, by God’s grace. We wanted to update you on a few things and always ask for prayer. We trust that God hears you and will move!

Currently, we are preparing two women for baptism this summer! They have come to know Jesus and are learning what it means to follow Him as they join our fellowship. Giulia, one of the women, came to us through another friend, after her partner passed away from a brain tumor. She suffered alone with her dog, drinking and falling into depression. Until she came and heard about God’s love for her at church with us! What a joy it is to see her finding a new reason to live. We ask the Lord for more transformations like these, and for the wisdom to love each person He brings us.

Here are some more prayer requests:

  1. Healing for Barbara and Ilaria
  2. Comfort for Stefano’s family and the Caiola family over lost loved ones
  3. Giuliana and Catarina who will be baptized in July
  4. God’s blessing on our retreat in mid July
  5. We ask for a new, permanent meeting place we can afford
  6. We ask for new growth and awakening in the small groups
  7. We ask for more workers to come help in the ministry
  8. For our family: Good work for Chantal; wisdom for myself managing family, church, work at Peroni; possibility for Tania to attend Bible School; for favor with Michelangelo’s exams; for Marco to return to a deep love for Jesus.

Thank you for laboring with us in prayer! God bless you with His unfailing love.

Pastor Robert Diamubeni & CC Frascati