December 2017

Buon Natale e Capodanno 2018!

We are so grateful for this year that is coming to an end. God has done so much, it would be difficult to recount it all. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Our family is doing well. We are thankful for this period that has brought us closer as a family.

The church is doing well. We are awaiting a response from the City Hall about whether we can use their meeting room for Sunday gatherings. We met with them in October and are still waiting. We are thankful to have found a new accountant to help us with our nonprofit status, and are working with him. In the meantime, we will be showing the film Nativity Story at our Colleferro cell church on December 16. Please pray that hearts are touched with the love of Jesus.

I am praying to be able to go to the Pastor’s Conference in Austria this January. I would like to bring Miky and Stefano, who have shown great service together in the church. It could be such an encouraging time. We pray for greater spiritual growth among our church members, and a tangible experience of the presence of God for each one.

God bless you this Christmas as you remember the extravagant love of God come down to us on Earth.


Robert & the Diamubeni Family

Calvary Chapel Frascati, Italy

cc frascati ritiro 2017

Photo from our 2017 Church Retreat

Spring Update 2017

Ciao a tutti!

We are doing well here in Frascati, by God’s grace. We wanted to update you on a few things and always ask for prayer. We trust that God hears you and will move!

Currently, we are preparing two women for baptism this summer! They have come to know Jesus and are learning what it means to follow Him as they join our fellowship. Giulia, one of the women, came to us through another friend, after her partner passed away from a brain tumor. She suffered alone with her dog, drinking and falling into depression. Until she came and heard about God’s love for her at church with us! What a joy it is to see her finding a new reason to live. We ask the Lord for more transformations like these, and for the wisdom to love each person He brings us.

Here are some more prayer requests:

  1. Healing for Barbara and Ilaria
  2. Comfort for Stefano’s family and the Caiola family over lost loved ones
  3. Giuliana and Catarina who will be baptized in July
  4. God’s blessing on our retreat in mid July
  5. We ask for a new, permanent meeting place we can afford
  6. We ask for new growth and awakening in the small groups
  7. We ask for more workers to come help in the ministry
  8. For our family: Good work for Chantal; wisdom for myself managing family, church, work at Peroni; possibility for Tania to attend Bible School; for favor with Michelangelo’s exams; for Marco to return to a deep love for Jesus.

Thank you for laboring with us in prayer! God bless you with His unfailing love.

Pastor Robert Diamubeni & CC Frascati

Happy New Year!

Buon Anno a Tutti!

This year, as ever, we are thankful to be where God has us, and thankful for your love and support.

At the end of 2016 we were able to complete a few evangelistic efforts. In November, we were able to show the film God’s Not Dead, and then in December, The Nativity, at Colleferro. There is a need for greater following of this group, but it’s not possible at the moment and we pray for more laborers, and for wisdom.

At Frascati, we celebrated Thanksgiving together and also viewed The Nativity at Christmas. It was a sweet time.

In Genzano we are waiting and praying about what to do and for a stronger commitment from the group.

On New Years we welcomed a visit from Allison who used to serve with us. It was great to see her. Lorenza also shared a powerful testimony of how the Lord moved in her heart and gave her physical healing. Our earnest pray this year is for deep spiritual growth and discipleship. For a spiritual hunger to stir in each member of our church community. At the moment the struggle is real for families relationally, physically and economically. We know the Lord can intervene and ask for His help and guidance and healing.

Some specific requests are:

Healing for Rinaldo, Alice, Barbara, Stefano’s mother and grandmother, Domenico’s nephew. We also ask the Lord for a new meeting place. Our family is doing well and we appreciate your prayers.

Thank you so much and God bless you!

Robert Diamubeni for Calvary Chapel Frascati


Earthquakes and more…

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to update you and ask you for continued prayer. As you may have read in the news, there are many earthquakes devastating Italy this year. We’ve even experienced some tremors in Rome. Please pray for the safety of our country and that we would have the organization to rebuild better cities. More importantly, we hope that this instability and suffering leads many to seek the Lord sincerely and with whole hearts.

As always, we thank God for His faithfulness toward CC Frascati. We continue to ask Him for a permanent home where we might meet and fulfill our outreach desires. We pray for growth in the cell groups. Many of our members are suffering physically: Lidia’s parents, Anna’s legs, Patrizia, Simona’s back, Rinaldo, Barbara’s cancer…. We ask the Lord to keep us steadfast in the faith (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Our family is well but we value your prayers. For my health and wisdom to lead. For a job for Chantal, stability for Tania, Michelangel0’s exams at university, Marco to renew His faith in Jesus…. We continue to ask the Lord for more laborers to help in this work.

We ask for a special outpouring of the Spirit on November 25, where we will begin the first installment of our monthly film forum at the town hall. We hope townspeople will be curious about Christ and the church.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

Robert and CC Frascati



Fall 2016

Ciao a tutti from Frascati, Italy!

First of all, we would like to thank God for the opportunity of making the Calvary Chapel 2016 Missions Conference this August in Austria. It was a real blessing and refreshment for Chantal and I as we fellowshipped with other Believers and were encouraged in worship and the Word.

At Church we have suspended the midweek studies and continued with Sunday services. We are praying for a permanent building we can afford to rent. The costs are around 600-700 EURO/month and we can only afford half of that as a small community. If God puts it on your heart and you are able to give, our PayPal account is always open (see link at top of blog). May God bless you! We pray for provision.

In September, we will have an event for the youth: Cinematic Forum. We will watch a film with snacks and open up a group discussion afterward with Gospel themes. Pray that people would come and be touched. We ask God for wisdom. We ask Him to touch and speak to each member of our community, that we would know and love Him more!

Our family is doing well and busy back at work after the summer holidays. Tania and Marco are working and Michelangelo continues with university. We ask for prayer for each of our spiritual growth and thank God for good physical health at the moment.

Thank you for being with us in prayer and support. May God bless Italy and God bless you!

Robert Diamubeni and CC Frascatiitalian conference 2016



Summer 2016

Ciao a tutti!

We hope you are enjoying the first hints of summer.

Calvary Chapel Frascati was blessed to participate once again in the annual, nation-wide Calvary retreat at Isola di Gran Sasso. It was such a joy and encouragement to be with believers from all across Italy. We were pleased to have Stefano, Piero, Alessia along with our family. The Lord really lifted our spirits and brought much healing and answered prayer! Praise Him with us!

June 19th we will have a church baptism with Simona, Veronica, Alessandro and Emanuela. Please keep them in prayer, that their lives may be consecrated to Jesus and bear much fruit.

Next, we will have our friends David and Denae Downs from CC Ferrara come speak at our Frascati day-retreat. Please pray that the logistics and costs of this day are covered and that many understand new things about the Lord and may know and love Him (and one another) in a deeper way! We also want our members to use this day as an excuse to invite friends and family in a non-threatening environment. Please pray for the participation of our church body and creative ways to reach unsaved friends.

Thank you for your prayers for our family. We ask for continued spiritual and physical health. A job for Chantal. The Lord’s presence in all we are and do.

Che Dio vi benedica!

Robert & CC Frascati



Spring 2016

Cari saluti a tutti!

Thank you to everyone for your love and prayers.

We have been busy with some street evangelism and a concert hosted by Michelangelo at Easter. We do these gatherings with dinner at a local osteria and continue to build relationships there.

We thank God for the provision of the gym and ask him to provide a permanent place if that is His will. We also ask for more laborers to help us in the work, as Allison has returned to the States.

We have our annual church retreat coming up in June and are seeking the Lord as to who to invite to speak. There is much to organize. We also have the amazing band Red Rain returning to Italy and pray for the funds to host a concert outreach with them in July. We need about 600 EURO for permits, posters, food, lodging and gift.

You can donate now directly through our PayPal account! Just go to:  and enter this email:

We ask for some specific prayers as it is a trying time for us. We pray for physical healing of Simona and for work and the possibility to be baptized and married in the church. We pray that Veronica can enter university. We ask provision of work for Chantal and Barbara. We pray that Tania can get her driver’s license, Michelangelo to complete his exams, Marco to return to his First Love–for all to grow close to Jesus and develop their gifts. I ask the Lord for wisdom, health and strength.

We are encouraged by collaboration with local churches in Monte Porzio and Rocca Priora. We are a small force, but God is not limited. May this Great God be with you today.

Blessings, Robert Diamubeni

cc frascati collage




Buon Natale 2015!

Merry Christmas dear Brothers and Sisters!

We are well here in Frascati and thankful to have friends praying for us across the world.

TODAY (December 23) we have our Christmas outreach where we will do a potluck and show the film Fireproof to highlight some much needed truths about Biblical marriage. We have rented the town hall and pray that people come and know God. We ask the Lord to provide for the costs of rent, permits, etc. We ask Him to build up our small church to be encouraged and work together.

We see some spiritual growth in our church, but know that the Lord can do much more and so we ask for His favor. We continue to ask Him for more laborers.

Our family is well and we ask the Lord for more love, wisdom and health. Michelangelo is still in university, Tania has started her second year at the preschool and Marco is working as dj and at the comune. Chantal continues the sewing business. I ask the Lord for a new vision for Frascati and opportunities to have a stronger presence in the city.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support. A very merry Christmas to all of you as you celebrate Christ’s peace on Earth!

Robert & Family

d fam 2015

Fall News

Saluti from Frascati, dear friends!


We are walking in God’s grace. Chantal has been experiencing continued difficulty with her boss at work and may be losing her job, please pray for her protection and provision. Tania is working at a preschool, testing for her driver’s license, and saving for her own apartment. Michelangelo is studying hard at university and working with me at Peroni. Marco is doing a civil service job and interning at a local radio station. I am well, but tired and asking the Lord for more laborers, and for the possibility to be a full-time pastor. I ask the Lord for this sponsorship, so I can be more committed here in the Castelli.


The study at Genzano is going well. Simona and Veronica have expressed interest in baptism. Simona’s neighbor is hoping to join our study.

At Colleferro we have a new couple.

At Frascati, we are blessed with a little healthy cooking competition and having great fun growing in the Lord.

I am praying for someone to show interest in teaching the children that come to the midweek studies.


We are praying for a new venue that we can afford, and more volunteers for children and youth, greeting, prayer, etc. Stefano has begun to do announcements. We have had some new friends coming and thank the Lord.


Please pray for us NOVEMBER 1st Michelangelo will be doing an acoustic concert at our favorite Osteria. He has been feeling a bit under the weather so pray for his health and all of the logistics and guests. We ask that God be glorified!!


May God bless YOU richly as you also serve Him wherever you are.

Love from Italy,

Robert Diamubeni and CC Frascatistefano annunci



Rooted and established in love…Ephesians 3

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a pleasant summer. We did! And quite a busy one at that.

In early July, our leadership participated in a lay counseling course for ministry leaders put on by L’Arca Teen Challenge. It was edifying, instructive and encouraging!

We enjoyed a blessed church retreat with Calvary Chapel Ferrara, Italy pastor David Downs and his wife Danae, sharing with us. It was sweet to have Alessia and Stefano baptized that day! Please pray that their faith would be strengthened daily. There were 6 children with various activities and we hope that seeds were planted in their hearts as well.

As a family, we also welcomed our daughter Tania home as Allison transitioned for a time back to the US. We continue to ask for prayer for all of our children: Miky in exams, Marco and Tania at work.

In August, Chantal and I celebrated 25 years of marriage and were able to visit some family in Belgium. We thank God for His great love.

Our church vision for the remainder of the year is to continue our home-groups and Sunday meetings and do more public outreaches in the piazzes, parks, etc. We have an idea for a seminar on wine and the Bible, with one of our members who is a sommelier. We pray for creativity and open doors! ZACCHARIAH 4:6

Thank you for your support and prayers. As always, we ask the Lord for unity and growth. We ask Him to raise up laborers in preaching, discipleship, youth, children… there is much work!

God bless you!

Robert Diamubeni & Calvary Chapel Frascati

Ephesians 3:15-18

rob chantal anniversario